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“Spyn Reset apply their elite technique to create songs that are at once structurally challenging and melodically accessible―a difficult feat.”

—The Stranger

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YASU—Synthesizer x4
Evan McPherson—Bass, Guitar
Pierson Martin—Drums

W E   A R E   S P Y N  R E S E T .     W E   P L A Y   E L E C T R O  P R O G R O C K .

New single “Autodidactic” from London Tone Records in 2014.

Join SPYN RESET’s ELECTRO PROGROCK group, let’s make this music scene bigger together!

Spyn Reset’s albums are produced and engineered by Geoff Ott (engineer for Queen of the Stone Age, Three Doors Down) of London Bridge Studio (President of Grammy Pacific NW chapter), and mastered by Steve Turnidge (Ultraviolet Studios, The Recording Academy).


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