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“Spyn Reset apply their elite technique to create songs that are at once structurally challenging and melodically accessible―a difficult feat.”

—The Stranger

Blog Posts

  • Recording full length album “DOTS”

    SPYN RESET 3rd Full length album “DOTS” Recording at:  LONDON BRIDGE STUDIO Engineer/Proucer: GEOFF OTT Photographer: Jean Paul Builes IMG_8993 IMG_8858 IMG_8798 IMG_8657IMG_8706 IMG_8997 DOTS recording
  • SPYN RESET – Seattle’s latest “Gamecore Prog”

    We are doing the one and only music, GameCore Prog – SPYN RESET. Thank you THE STRANGER News Paper:   “Seattle’s Spyn Reset consist of three monstrously talented players who forge a maximalist agglomeration of electronic funk, prog rock, and space jazz that ideally would be heard after midnight, outdoors, in a remote location, and on powerful stimulants. Think Bonnaroo, going on right before Medeski Martin & Wood or STS9—that kinetic, complex vibe with a high “wow” factor.”
  • The Daily News Paper – SPYN RESET interview



    Good read!  Local music can survive because of the  local people’s support! “a unique and constantly evolving sound.”  –  read more :
  • SPYN RESET SOLD OUT show at the 1UP in Denver Colorado!

    Spyn Reset made a mark on Denver Co 8.14 Fri 2015 at the 1UP. An epic night with Vine Street Vibes and Homemade Spaceship. It is not easy to make your own music scene but finally started happening! We will keep on being different, and we won’t give up… ever!  Thank you so much for all the Colorado fans and support!   Check this awesome review from Chris R. Kemp about SOLD OUT show at The 1UP in Colorado! “I must emphasize this point about Spyn Reset. I HAVE NOT HEARD MUSIC LIKE THIS. this was the general consensus among the crowd, even to the fans.Spyn Reset made a real mark on Denver with this show. The hour or so of music we got from them was high energy, full of surprises and technically gnarly to boot. We emphatically wait for Spyn Reset’s return to Denver.” Read more: LIKE us, FOLLOW us, and SPYN with us… SPYN RESET –
    SOLD OUT show in Denver @ The 1UP Aug 14 Fri 2015

    SOLD OUT show in Denver @ The 1UP Aug 14 Fri 2015

    SOLD OUT show in Denver @ The 1UP Aug 14 Fri 2015

    SOLD OUT show in Denver @ The 1UP Aug 14 Fri 2015



YASU—Synthesizer x4
Evan McPherson—Bass, Guitar
Pierson Martin—Drums

W E   A R E   S P Y N  R E S E T .     W E   P L A Y   E L E C T R O  P R O G R O C K .

New single “Autodidactic” from London Tone Records in 2014.

Join SPYN RESET’s ELECTRO PROGROCK group, let’s make this music scene bigger together!

Spyn Reset’s albums are produced and engineered by Geoff Ott (engineer for Queen of the Stone Age, Three Doors Down) of London Bridge Studio (President of Grammy Pacific NW chapter), and mastered by Steve Turnidge (Ultraviolet Studios, The Recording Academy).


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