west coast tour 2019

  • 9/5 Sat - san diego ca @ til two club

  • 9/6 fri - los angeles ca @ silverlake lounge

  • 9/8 sun - oakland ca @ uptown nightclub

  • 9/10 tue - roseburg or @ north forty

  • 9/11 wed - eugene or @ old nick’s pub

  • 9/12 thurs - portland or @ goodfoot lounge

  • 9/13 Fri - bellingham wa @firefly lounge

  • 9/14 sat - richland wa @emerald of siam

  • 10/12 SAT @Boom boom room - san francisco CA

    with LDW

  • 11/15 fri @wildcraft cider works - eugene or

    with Consider the Source

New music video - single “DOTS”

REVIEW BY Surviving the golden age MAGAZINE: http://survivingthegoldenage.com/spyn-reset-dots/

Videographer: An Intoxicated Films Production. Directed by Roxy Ewing & Forrest Feed

"the high level of creativity and musicianship shown here speaks across generations and cultures. Progressive, complicated electronic sounds..."  

                - Music Marauders



On their new LP Dots, Seattle, WA trio Spyn Reset combine a near-monastic dedication to virtuosic precision with a willingness to cast aside genre categorization in the search for something new. Produced by the band and Geoff Ott (Queens of the Stone Age / Three Doors Down), Dots draws from the worlds of prog, synth-pop and jam to create a unique sound that is “high energy, full of surprises and technically gnarly to boot.” – Grateful Web

Spyn Reset was born out of frontman / synth player YASU’s desire to meld his Japanese music background and love heavy synths lead with the math rock, prog, and grunge he grew up listening to. He idolizes Chris Cornell, so it was clear from the onset that his journey would lead him to Seattle. In 2018 he met guitarist / bassist Evan McPherson while attending Cornish College for the Arts. Their musical chemistry was undeniable, so they set to work searching for other musicians that shared their vision.

Their debut LP Objects in the Abstract, recorded as a sextet including with the addition of a saxophonist, percussionist, and organ player, is an instrumental album originally intended for soundtrack purposes. Four Dimensional Audio, the follow up release (and first with current drummer Pierson Martin) was recorded as a guitar-free quartet. Still searching for their sound, the bands direction changed one fateful day when YASU brought his Moog synth to rehearsal.

While their SERENDIPITY EP still moved through the instrumental jazz realm a new sound was percolating below the surface. The 2015single “Autodidactic” was the band’s first release that truly encapsulated their vision. Written over three years, Dots was recorded at London Bride Studios in Seattle. “Our vision for our third full length album was to grow from our instrumental roots and take on a powerful new shape musically” says McPherson. “We challenged ourselves to redefine our sound as a trio and fully embraced vocals as a prominent part of the music. Dots is truly unlike anything we've done before.”

Thematically, the “dots” represent humanity and our inherent interconnectedness. “Those connections are strengthened when we approach others with an openness to embrace new and unfamiliar perspectives” explains McPherson. Let's find a way out to see the light through the clouds. YOU are not alone, we are all connected each other through dots...” 

In the live realm, Spyn Reset has supported TAUK, Twiddle, Everclear, Mike Dillon Band, and more.


YASU / Synths, Vocoder, Vocal
Evan McPherson / Guitar, Bass
Pierson Martin / Drums


News & Updates

  • New Music video is coming out this summer.

  • fall Tour 2019

  • New single is in process.



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BOOKING:   spynreset@gmail.com

Management: Evan McPherson (206)579-2087

            YASU (206)915-6965