Spread The Jam 2017

The holidays are all about spreading the cheer, right? Well Spyn Reset is all about spreading the holiday cheer with a good jam! With our inaugural year, Spyn Reset is excited to present SPREAD THE JAM 2017. Joining us will be World’s Finest, who are also playing in support of their upcoming release Chromatophores. We round out the lineup with MindBeams, explosive psychedelic prog magic. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the first of many Spread the Jams!

Tickets: http://ticketf.ly/2j9WLcI

RSVP: http://bit.ly/2jaWV3p

Spyn Reset

On their new LP Dots, Seattle, WA trio Spyn Reset combine a near-monastic dedication to virtuosic precision with a willingness to cast aside genre categorization in the search for something new. Produced by the band and Geoff Ott (Queens of the Stone Age / Three Doors Down), Dots draws from the worlds of prog, synth-pop and jam to create a unique sound that is “high energy, full of surprises and technically gnarly to boot.” – Grateful Web

Spyn Reset was born out of frontman / synth player YASU’s desire to meld his Japanese music background and love heavy synths lead with the math rock, prog, and grunge he grew up listening to. He idolizes Chris Cornell, so it was clear from the onset that his journey would lead him to Seattle. In 2018 he met guitarist / bassist Evan McPherson while attending Cornish College for the Arts. Their musical chemistry was undeniable, so they set to work searching for other musicians that shared their vision.